I'm Parker.

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are incredibly good.

The fit out of the box is comfortable. These buds stay in your ears. Whether racing down the stairwell with your pup or going out for a jog, you won’t have to think about them falling out. They started getting a bit looser after a few miles of running each time I smiled at a passerby and needed to be pushed farther into my ear more frequently.

The vent prevents you from feeling too clogged and only hearing your haggard breath during a workout. This was my primary complaint with the Jaybird Vista: every breath, every step, and the rushing wind would all scream through the music during a workout. This vent makes these buds so much more practical for me.

Noise cancellation is insanely good. When you put the first earbud in, you won’t notice any cancellation. This detail prevents that “clogged-up” feeling you might get with an earplug in just one ear. Once you put in the second earbud, the world fades away. Transparency is very good and very easy to activate when someone wants to speak to you.

The sound quality is great. I didn’t really mind the AirPods since so much other sound leaked in. With more isolated sound, these buds are impressive in their wide range.

Charging case is oddly shaped but not too dissimilar to the regular AirPods case. Having wireless Qi charging by default is a game changer.

The controls are pretty tough to use. I have pretty skinny fingers, and getting a hold of the stem to squeeze it without dislodging the earbud is still something I still haven’t figured out. In this way I like the original AirPods better. But the squeeze approach offers short and long press options, which increase the possibilities. This improves the usefulness of the buds.

The look is sleek. I have smaller ears and they just fade away.

The price is insanely high. We really shouldn’t be spending so much on headphones. Since I use these so often though and my original AirPods are starting to have connection issues, I figured I’d give them a shot. The whole true wireless headphone market is overpriced.

Overall, I am very happy with the AirPods Pro.