I'm Parker.


What follows is a list of weblog posts from as early as 2012. There are 54 posts in total, each with its own character as they have been written many months apart. Feel free to ping me on Twitter with any thoughts you may have. I hope you enjoy.

Preserve your Instapaper bookmarks, highlights, and notes

Scanning from the Command Line in a Snap

Use Self-Hosted GitHub Actions Runners

brew gem install jekyll

Work In the Cloud

The power of bashrc.d

Don’t Use the System Ruby; Use a ruby version manager instead

Sign commits with a GPG key using a passphrase with pinentry-mac


Change your GitHub repos’ default branch names

Goodbye, Amazon Prime

AirPods Pro

Generating a Golang-compatible SSH RSA key pair

Use Git & GitHub to manage your DNS with OctoDNS

Managing your personal servers with Puppet

Schwartzian transform & faster sorting


The Internet Is Unstable

Looking for the Light Today

The Last Mile

Tim Cook’s Privacy Battle is also Personal

Heya, GitHub!

Farewell, VSCO

Godoc OS X Launch Agent

Go & A Better World for Documentation

If you care about ‘emerging markets’, care about speed


Working with Go


Language-Agnostic Interfaces for Software Development


You have to lead by doing

Jekyll 3 — The Road Ahead


Minority Report

Clearing Up Confusion Around baseurl – Again

Finding The Time To Write

Stay Up-to-date with the Latest GitHub Pages Gem

A Hacker’s Guide to Her Own GitHub Pages

Always Moving Forward

Installing Command-T with OS X Maverick’s Built-In Vim

Fix the Government: Open-Source Legislation

Launching a Rails Console with Capistrano

Jekyll 1.0 Released

Downtime is Good

Install rbenv on Ubuntu 12.04

Connect to 3G on simyo in Germany

My Favourite Apps in 2012

The Immediate Future of Jekyll

An Open Letter to Tom Preston-Werner

iA Writer Needs Print Configuration