I'm Parker.


Source Code: https://github.com/parkr/radar
Godoc: https://godoc.org/github.com/parkr/radar

Keep track of links you need to get back to. It creates a GitHub issue every 24 hours (or when a given signal is sent to the process) which is a checklist of all the links you want to keep track of.


Use of the Docker image is recommended. Check the tags for the one you want, then run:

docker run --rm \
  -e RADAR_ALLOWED_SENDERS=you@gmail.com \
  -e RADAR_REPO=owner/name \ # where to create the new github issue
  -e RADAR_MENTION=@username \
  -e RADAR_HEALTHCHECK_URL=http://localhost:8921/health \
  -e MG_API_KEY=abcdef \
  -e MG_DOMAIN=example.com \
  -e MG_PUBLIC_API_KEY=ghijkl \
  parkr/radar:$TAG \
  radar -http=:8921 -hour=3

The MG_ environment variables allows this server to reply to each incoming email via Mailgun. Other providers are not supported, but could be with very few modifications.

The only required parameters are: RADAR_ALLOWED_SENDERS, RADAR_REPO, and GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN. All others are optional.

The -http command line argument provides the bind address. Make sure you update RADAR_HEALTHCHECK_URL to match if you modify this.

The -hour command line argument tells the server when to generate the new radar issue.


MIT, Copyright Parker Moore 2018.